There’s only one simple rule in the Learning Lab:

You must be ready, willing, and able to fail, blow things up, and leap before you look.


In the Amplify Your Strengths Online Learning Lab, you will complete four Learning Lab Experiments – one every two weeks for a total of eight weeks. You will focus on a specific portion of The Introvert Entrepreneur book and take specific personalized action in the form of a Learning Lab Experiment. You can design the experiment yourself or choose from some suggested experiments I will provide you.  Each Learning Lab two week time-frame will have a similar rhythm and flow (see the Syllabus/Calendar for details and the Learning Lab Flow at the bottom of this page). Some activities are optional, but your experiments are required. There is no “grade” for your Learning Lab Experiments – if you attempt an experiment (even if you “fail”) and share the experience with your peers via your “Lab Report” for all four Learning Lab Experiments in this course, you will earn a congratulatory T-shirt from Beth and be placed in a private Amplify Your Strengths Online Learning Lab Alumni Facebook group where you can continue to connect, share, and learn from each other.

Each two-week Learning Lab will have the following four areas:


shutterstock_174901718In the “Discover” section of each of the Learning Labs, you will have a chance to prepare for your own self-designed “experiment” to enhance your own business by exploring and using some resources I have created and collected for you.  Feel free to use all of these suggested resources, or none, depending on your own personal preference.



shutterstock_174784997The “Reflect” section comes after you have fully explored the “Discover” section of each Learning Lab, allowing you an opportunity to reflect on some key questions that will help you think critically about some of the concepts we are exploring, and more importantly, you will be posting your thoughts in our group discussion forum.  There is a powerful positive effect on change and growth when you connect with others who also desire to grow and learn, so take advantage of this opportunity to make connections and get inspired by the stories of others on a similar quest.


shutterstock_230058493The “Act” section is where you will actually conduct your experiment by taking action steps that strengthen your business.  By applying what you have been discovering, reading and reflecting about so far, you will create something or take action steps toward furthering the success of your business.  You will be given several specific options for things you could do or create for your experiment, but you can also go outside this list of options and create whatever you want – just make sure it is a very specific goal that you can accomplish realistically within two weeks’ time (you can always do a piece of a larger project).  Once you have completed (or drafted) your “experiment” assignment, you will Share it in our discussion forum, where you can ask for feedback from your peers and provide feedback to others.  These Learning Lab Experiment assignments have due dates, and by sharing it with the group, you have a powerful motivator to be accountable to the group for following through and “GTD” (Get Things Done! – See David Allen’s book.)


shutterstock_268677614The “Share” section comes at the end of each two-week Learning Lab, during which you share the results (your “Lab Report”) and lessons learned from your experiment.  This is an ideal chance to get feedback on your actions as well as provide feedback to your peers in the discussion forum.





At the beginning of this online Learning Lab, you will have the option to connect with one or two other peers in the course to form a Dyad or Trio to help you stay accountable and get a higher level of personal connection.  Details about this will be covered during the Orientation (Week Zero prior to the first day of class).

The Amplify Your Strengths Online Learning Lab consists of four Learning Lab Experiments – each two weeks in length.  The flow will be the same for each two-week Learning Lab as follows:

Each Learning Lab Two-Week Flow:

Day 1 – First Friday (overlaps with Day 15 – Last Friday of the previous Learning Lab)

  • Live Office Hours with Beth Buelow
  • Wrap-up of the previous Learning Lab (except for Lab #1)
  • Kickoff of the next two weeks (except for Lab #4)

Days 2-12 – Discover/Reflect/Act

  • Discover – Explore and use the provided resources (optional)
  • Reflect – Interact with your peers in the discussion forum and with your dyad or trio peer group by answering and discussing reflective prompts (optional, but highly encouraged)
  • Act – Complete your Learning Lab Experiment (self-designed or chosen from the provided ideas)

Day 13 – Share (Second Wednesday)

  • Share your “Lab Report” – results of your Learning Lab Experiment with Beth and the class in the discussion forum
  • Give and receive feedback from your peers
  • Receive your Two-Day Challenge (optional)

Day 15 – Last Friday (Overlaps with Day 1 – First Friday – see above) – same flow



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